About Us

Welcome to Texworld Asia

Texworld Asia is a reliable firm in sourcing, product development, business development, order execution, factory compliance and third party inspections  in Pakistan. We have been in this field for more than 15 years. We deal in Fabric, Fashion Bedding, Window Curtains,  Towels/Terry Products, Shower Curtains, Socks, Institutional home textiles, Health Care textiles, Kitchen/Table Linens & Apparels. We are currently servicing to US, Canada & European Importers & Retailers. We have a highly experienced team of professionals in Sourcing, Product Development, Supply Chain, Quality Assurance and Compliances. Our core strength is the confidence and trust of our International buyers and our core responsibility is to satisfy the needs and wants of our buyers.

What We do

We are a textile sourcing and 3rd party firm, acts as an intermediary between manufacturers and retailers, helping to facilitate the procurement of textile products and providing value-added services to support Textile Business.

Our primary function is to source the high quality product at competitive prices from reliable textile manufacturers. This involves working with a network of suppliers to identify those who can meet our clients’ requirements in terms of factory compliance requirements, Product Developments, product quality with best price at minimum Production lead times.

In addition to sourcing, we provide a range of value-added services, including product development, quality control during production and 3rd party inspection service and logistics management to export the goods in smooth way. These services can help to streamline the supply chain, reduce costs, and improve efficiency, allowing our clients to focus on their core business activities.

As a third-party firm, we act as an independent arbiter, ensuring that both parties in are meeting their obligations and working towards a mutually beneficial outcome. This involves managing contracts, resolving disputes, and monitoring performance to ensure that everyone is meeting their agreed-upon responsibilities.

By providing reliable sourcing and value-added services, textile sourcing and 3rd party firms, we play a critical role in supporting the textile supply chain, helping businesses to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and build a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Texworld Company Policy

  • To prioritize customer satisfaction.
  • To make sure the deliveries in accordance with the deadlines and in the desired amount.
  • To make sure to produce on time and with high quality by using materials that do not harm the environment and human health.
  • To train our Supplier continuously, to increase their knowledge and factory’s process development to meet the customer’s requirement.
  • To provide a business environment and motivation where our Manufacturer and Customers can fulfill their requirement with pleasures.
  • To continuously improve and develop the product and quality system, to ensure the supply of resources for this purpose, and to pay maximum attention to savings cost.
  • To prevent the repetition of quality errors that occur in business production as soon as possible and to increase the quality in this way.
  • To create and maintain a clean, organized and orderly working environment.
  • Comply with applicable terms
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